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Denature problems

If you experience problems with the game or the installer please contact me via email at (remember to remove NOSPAM from the email address first). I doubt the guys behing the Experimental Gameplay Project want their comments section turned into a support forum for my game. Thanks. :)

I've updated the installer again to fix a problem with shortcuts not setting the working directory properly. Hopefully this should be the last update and I apologise again.

Denature installer fix

My apologies. It turns out that I'd uploaded a broken installer for Denature. If you have downloaded a copy of the broken installer you can download the quick fix over on the Denature page. Otherwise, a new installer has been uploaded which should put the files into the correct places.

Denature now released!

The download link is now up for Denature. If you have any problems make sure you've tried installing the SdlDotNet Runtime before contacting me.

First EGP Entry - Denature

My first entry for the Experimental Gameplay Project will also be my first game release.

Please check it out!