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Denature is a cross between your average shoot-em-up and a game of dodgeball.

You control a green mote amongst 49 blue motes. Every mote starts with an electron that can be released out into space. Should an electron bump into another mote, it will attach itself.

It is possible to have several electrons, but gain too many and your mote will become "denatured" and the game will be over for you. Your aim is to survive to become the only active mote in the game. Being hit by an electron will stop you from releasing any for half a second and you can only release your electrons once per second, so avoid being avalanched!


The game was built over the course of two days for the Experimental Gameplay Project in January 2010. The contest's theme was "100 things". At any one time (while the game is in play) there are exactly 100 objects onscreen; 50 motes and 50 electrons. Care was taken not to include anything like score, time, etc that could be counted as a "thing". You will notice that you are counted in using sound only at the start of the game (which is otherwise a bad design choice) and that denatured motes aren't removed from play, only demoted to the background.

The game was written in C# using SdlDotNet.


If you experience problems with the game or the installer please contact me via email at (remember to remove NOSPAM from the email address first). I doubt the guys behing the Experimental Gameplay Project want their comments section turned into a support forum for my game. Thanks. :)

Download the Windows installer. Sorry no Mac or Linux version (yet).

The fix I uploaded earlier has had to be removed due to multiple problems with the installer. The version above should work fine now and I've tested it on as many systems as I can. If you are experiencing problems with the game (such as it not working at all) then please uninstall it using the shortcut in your Denature folder or the Start Menu and install the latest version above.

Please note. Some people may need to install the SDL runtime before it will work.